Community Guidelines

The dos and don'ts of our community

What can I post?

You can post a specific request for help with most things. These can include but are not limited to:

  • Favours (e.g. DIY, lifts);
  • Learning skills (e.g. languages, guitar);
  • Borrowing things (e.g. book, ladder);
  • Support (e.g. coaching or mentoring, friendship or listening);
  • Getting advice and recommendations;
  • Getting volunteers for a charity or cause.

Whether it involves cat sitting or learning a new language, moving a sofa or lending a hand at a charity event, we have seen the need requested and fulfilled. All we ask is that you use good judgement and ask for help that is reasonable to ask of a friend or neighbour.

What can't I post?

Please take a note of the following things you cannot post:

  • No money – Helpfulpeeps is all about sharing our time and energy with each other, so we ask members not to ask for financial help.
  • No offers – posts are a place to ask for help so please refrain from making offers to other Helpfulpeeps through a post. Instead, you can offer help when you see a specific request that you can help with.
  • No linking out to fundraising websites (e.g. GoFundMe, JustGiving);
  • No posts that can be considered advertising or promoting a business;
  • No posts that come across as though they should be on a dating website;
  • Nothing offensive or illegal;
  • No spam, adult content or abuse of any kind will be tolerated.

All posts are at the discretion of Helpfulpeeps moderators at all times.

How can I maximise my chances of receiving help?

  • Make sure your profile has an appropriate photo – it goes along way towards building trust.
  • Specify your location on the post – this makes it easier for potential helpers to discover your post based on their location.
  • Use friendly language — keep in mind you are asking for a favour. Posts that come across as being friendly, polite or funny have a much higher response rate.

Some examples of well-written posts that all received help include:

“I’m looking for a cat lover in Bristol who would be able to feed our two amazing house cats this Saturday late afternoon/evening AND Sunday morning (we are going away for one night). Not only will you get karma, but you’ll get loads of cat snuggles too. If you’re interested in being a Helpfulpeep with our cats in the future too that would be amazing — they would prefer knowing the person that came to visit them :-)”

“Any Bristol based helpfulpeeps willing to teach me how to ride a bicycle? No one believes me but I genuinely cannot ride a bicycle! I’ve never actually had a proper go except for maybe once when I was a kid and now it feel like it’s time I learn this skill.”

“Hello there, new on this amazing help thing. Is there anyone who is coming to London from Bristol in the next few days? I would need someone to collect a small anorak from a friend in Bristol and take it to London. We will need it for a show next week. Thanks in advance.”